AAS Design was founded in 2013.

Over the past four years, AAS has maintained a mature and proper design, superb workmanship, a high attention to detail, excellent collaboration, valuable expertise and personalized customer service, by customers, contractors, architects and designers Of praise.

By now, our busy business is mainly based on our dear customers referral - this is the most proud of AAS.

AAS's kitchen design and wood products are full of vitality, creativity, beauty and soul. Handmade on behalf of your personal taste, history and style. We believe that the extraordinary design and excellent combination of work, it is best to express your environment and living space.



- 2013, AAS was established

- 2014, AAS improved the operating plan, so that earnings, sales, cash flow and so could reach the required level, while the establishment of action program,including products / services, marketing plans, sales plans, efficiency plans, etc. In addition, AAS gradually established the team

- 2015, AAS gradually opened the market, and had their own good reputation. On this basis, AAS optimization upstream and downstream partners, to further confirm the company's development direction, improved the plant configuration, increased staff

- 2016, AAS had a huge breakthrough into the custom high-end fine cabinet and furniture market. The company's design level went to a new height. In the same year, the company undertook a number of commercial project

- 2017, AAS is keeping going, providing the best services and works for every customer. At the same time, AAS steps in the new market: the wood furniture by using the Chinese classical style of geometric, contrast, rhythm and other performance of the interpretation